On a boat…

Last week my husband went on an over-night rafting trip.

Two days later…we bought a boat.

This is definitely a bucket list moment for us.  All last summer we would talk and dream about buying a raft “someday”.

Well “someday” has come and we are super excited.

It might sound silly, but I LOVE watching my husband get the chance to buy something purely for fun.  He is SUCH a responsible man, and so much of his time and money are spent on caring for our family in one way or another.  So, on those rare moments that he is able to spoil himself a little, I consider it both hard-earned and well-deserved.

Since he bought this cataraft most of his down-time has been spent working on it.

And our kids love it.

Adam taught them to ask, “Permission to come aboard?”  and they take turns sitting in the captains chair, and my Little-Love salutes a lot.

Super sweet.

If they are enjoying the boat this much right now, just imagine the fun they’ll have once we are actually on the water!!

Which, as it turns out, is today for the boys.  Praying for both joy and safety for the men in my life.

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