my sister-in-law/life-coach…

This past weekend my baby-brother, his beautiful wife, and HER baby-brother came to stay with us and we took them out on the river.

I ADORE my little brother, and so do my kids.  They were SUPER excited when they heard that their aunt and uncle were coming for a visit.

And we had a great time.

I think your lucky if you can get along so beautifully with your siblings, and I get along great with all three of mine.  My older brother is the most fascinating, clever, talented human being on this earth.  My older sister is so smart and far and away my best-friend.  And my baby-brother is the apple of my eye.  I’m so proud of him, of the man he has become, of the life he has chosen and, more importantly, of the woman he chose.

Like I said, you’re lucky if you can get along with your siblings, but you are FULL-ON blessed if you get along with your in-laws.

And I could not love my little-sister-in-law more.

She is so tiny and young, but she has already taught me so much in the short time that she’s been in my family.

I am in awe of her ability to stand-up for herself with out raising her voice, or hurting anyones feelings.

I’d written about how there’s a space between a stimulus and a response and how I was trying to do a better job of taking my time during that space.  I’ve been Practicing this art but I’m struggling.

My sister-in-law, however, is an inspiration in this area.  She has an uncanny ability to handle a tough situation without making it worse, or damaging any relationships, but also without compromising her values.

She doesn’t placate, but she doesn’t bulldoze either.

It’s fascinatingly beautiful, and something I hope to work towards in my own life.

Like I said, we are very blessed to get to call her our own.

Thanks for the inspiration girl, and thanks for the visit.  We miss you guys already!

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