Its started innocently enough.  We were watching the USA play in the world cup and then…

What’s that noise? Why are Mommy and Daddy and cheering?

And the guys on the TV are hugging?

What? The game winning goal?

So, now Cyclone is jumping and cheering???

And still, our Little-Love remained confused.

As confused as any tutu-ed, tinker-bell in Cinderella slippers and grizzly bear ears ever was.

Her father wrapped her in his arms and ran outside to chant, “U.S.A…U.S.A…”  and our neighbors flooded the streets, and there was much celebrating and the world was at peace and everything was beautiful….

At least they should have.

Alas, no one joined us in the street…and those who were outside remained as confused and clueless as our Little-Love.

Still, for the rest of the night we celebrated the great sport of futball and our U.S.A. victory.

So what if we had to celebrate alone, without the company of our neighbors or even our sweet Little-Love.

What she lacks in soccer knowledge she makes up for in cuteness.

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