A thumb-sucking/philosophical update.

A friend asked me for an update on my Little-Love’s “dropping the thumb sucking habit” adventures.

The short answer is: she has stopped.

She hasn’t put her thumb in her mouth since the first day we put her magic glove on.


You can see in that before and after that her teeth have already changed a TON.  Her bite has closed back up, (HALLELUJAH!) and the dry-rash on her arm (from drool, uh..yuck) has completely cleared up.

So, that’s the short answer.

The longer response is this:

I miss it.

I know that she needed to stop–for her teeth, her skin, simply because she is growing up–but

I MISS it.

One of the downsides of breaking her habit is that she doesn’t take her naps anymore.

She is still super easy to put down at night, but her thumb used to help her nap.  And, boy-oh-boy, do I miss her naps… you feel me on this one, right?

But more then that, there is just something so infantile about thumb-sucking, and without it my love is just a little-girl…definitely not a baby anymore…

and that kinda makes me sad.

I’ve just realized recently how much I’m going to miss the baby/toddler phase of parenting.

I’d always wanted 4 kids, (or even more) but it looks like I’ll probably never have more than two.  And while I LOVE my two, it does break my heart to know that my dreams for a BIG family likely won’t happen.

Which means I won’t ever have another thumb-sucking habit to break, another baby to nurse, another infant to call mine.

It just breaks my heart a little.

I’ve started noticing all the beautiful childish things around me and am wondering how much longer those little gifts will be a part of our life.

Gifts like finding piles of paper with random and colorful scribbles on them:

Gifts like a little girl, dressed in a superhero shirt and rainbow tutu, dancing in my living-room:

Or a son who designs the most intensely-awesome superhero costumes by basically wearing every dress-up piece we own:

Because, I’ll miss this phase as well.

The truth is, as much as I do LOVE these beautiful people that I get to share my life with, I still morn for the babies they once were, and the babies I won’t have.

I love who they are…I miss who they were.

The good news is, I’m truly enjoying watching them grow.

Discovering who they are on a deeper level.

I am honored to be included in their development, and I hope I never take my job as their mom for granted.

I’m truly a blessed woman and I pray that I can enjoy every stage of our intertwined lives with grace–savoring both the sweet and the bitter.

It’s all a part of life.

Maybe it doesn’t look the way I thought it would,

and maybe it’s all moving too fast…

but I’m choosing to be grateful for mine.

Life is beautiful…

heartbreakingly so.

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