Learning to enjoy the ride…

“Daddy! There’s a big box in front of the house!”

One by one, supplies for our boat are arriving, and every time it’s as if Adam got a super early Christmas Present.

So far, this boat has been a HUGE blessing.  We have been on it every weekend at least once since we bought it, and it’s giving my antsy-man a project to dream about and tinker with.

Last night he built lovely decks for the sides and I even have a little sewing project for the boat as well.

Good family fun.

This past weekend we went through a canyon that had a little more white-water then we have experienced to this point.  Both Adam and I had moments of fear and adrenaline as we faced the rough water for the first time with our limited experience.  We were with a friend who has been rafting for years, but no matter how much he assured us that it “wasn’t a big deal”, my heart pounded every time our boat approached the rolling water.

I would grip the backs of my children’s life-vests with one hand and the frame of our boat with the other, grit my teeth and say a prayer, and every time our boat rolled over the top of the water, gently and easy.

No big deal, nothing to worry about.

Because I have so little experience with rafting the “fear” of the unknown is often worse then the reality.  The waves look bigger then they are, the rapids look faster, the danger seems higher.

While I’m not looking to increases any of those areas, I am looking forward to being able to relax a little more and just enjoy the ride.

It’s a lot like life isn’t it?

Often plagued by fear, unable to trust God and simply enjoy the ride?

I’m certain my built-in-mommy worry is not going to suddenly dissipate anytime soon.

I don’t think I’d really want it to.

It’s a survival instinct, part of what makes me a good mom.

But, maybe I can ease my grip a little bit…

Not on their life vests though.  Those I’m not letting go of until they’re 18 at least… and even then they will have to pry them off.

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