hittin’ the road…

The kids and I are bound for the Land of Enchantment!!

We have audio books from the library, dried fruit snacks from the store, blankets and pillows for the drive, all we need now is for Cyclone to finish up at sports camp so we can hit the road.

I’m very excited to visit with Nana and Papa-J, and Aunt Pizza (I don’t know, my son just started calling her that) and our baby cousin.  However, I do wish Adam was joining us…

and not just to help me drive the 10 hours…

although that’s a big reason.

I wish he was coming because we are gonna miss him while we are gone.

Enjoy that big empty couch without us, babe:

and pray that my drive includes lots of moments like this:

Wish us luck!!

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One Response to hittin’ the road…

  1. Sarah says:

    Good luck and drive safe! How awesome is it that you have books on cd!

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