To Vicky, my friend, may you live forever…

Less then a month after my mom died I was living in New Mexico when I got a call.  A soft-spoken woman was offering me a job as a teacher at a local preschool.  I had never met the woman on the phone, so I was surprised when she asked if it was too soon to work after losing my mother, explaining that she went to church with my in-laws and had heard the news there.

I was somehow relieved that at this new job everyone already knew about my loss.  I was so exhausted from having to tell people, explaining my heartbreak over and over again.

So, I took the job eagerly, ready for the distraction of work and the comfort of a routine.

My very first day I walked into work and into a new friendship that would turn out to be my saving-grace during that awful first year without my mother.

Vicky, (the woman on the phone) and I bonded right away.

She informed me that she too had lost both parents and still had a step-parent living.

Just like me.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to have someone understand.  It’s like a club…that you wish you’d never joined.

Vicky had also known and loved my husband his whole life, which made her feel like a built-in friend…we both loved the same boy, how could we not then love each other.

What’s even more amazing was this: when I found out that my mother was dying Adam was deployed on a fire in Montana.  So, before making the long and truly terrible drive to Colorado where my mother was in the ICU, I ran past the fire station to have them radio the crew to try and get word to my husband.

I was in complete hysterics when I burst into that station.  A very kind man was able to listen through my tears and calm me down enough to understand exactly what was wrong and what it was that I needed him to do.

This man managed to get in touch with the crew in Montana, which allowed me to drive directly to the airport in Denver and pick up my husband on my way to the hospital.

Adam had been put on a plane in Montana immediately after I stormed the station.

This kind man in the station, who is the reason I didn’t have to drive to the ICU alone,

the reason I didn’t have to face my mother’s death without my husband,

the reason my husband’s arms were there to catch me after she took her last breath,

this hero of a man…is Vicky’s husband.

I believe with all my heart that God put this family into my life because he KNEW that I was going to need their support.

He knew I was going to need the comfort of a maternal figure.

The comfort that you can only get from a friend who truly understands what it means to miss your parents, because she misses her’s.

The comfort from someone who, unbeknownst to me, already knew so much about my situation.

I leaned so heavily on Vicky durning those first months and I whole-heartedly believe that I wouldn’t have survived so well if I hadn’t had her with me.

Now she is ingrained into my soul, my friend for life.

The woman I go to when I need a prayer-warrior on my side.  The woman I go to when I need advice–on parenting, on marriage, on life in general.

I’ve learned so much from her, she is exactly the type of woman I hope to be.

I know that I am only one of MANY, many people who love and adore this woman.  She is an instrument of God in the most tangible way, and her love stretches so far.

I can only pray that I can someday have half of the impact on the world that this woman has.

To Vicky Cordova, I love you dearly.  Thank you so much for all that you have done,

I am a better woman for knowing you.



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