Independence day…

I celebrated the 4th of July in my favorite way, at my daddy’s house.

I mean…


All of the cousins were there together and it was so great.

Sunny, relaxing, perfect, with lots of lounging around.

Poor T-bone, (my baby brother) got a rough case of food poisoning from eating a bagel with cream cheese that had expired a YEAR AGO!!  Guess my dad doesn’t eat a lot of bagels when we aren’t around.

Probably shouldn’t be buying that stuff in bulk, father-dear.

Didn’t stop him from cuddling his nieces though,

let’s pause and celebrate the crinkled up nose on my gorgeous niece for a minute:

right?  right?

Only 5 months older then my little-love, and as sweet and adorable as you could possibly imagine.

Also, my husband caught us a big ol’ snake to play with.  Then my camera died, (side note, all these photos were taken by my husband, not bad, right?)

The kiddos loved the snake.  I believe he loved us too.  Because he obviously missed us from last year:

Look at that, every one of them has grown, although the snake definitely grew the most, (wink)

Happy Independence Day, so grateful for our founding father’s and the scarifies they made so I could live free in the home of the brave!!


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