I get by with a little help…from my sister.

Last night Cyclone tripped over a drawer that had been left open (by him).  He ripped up his heal (which hurt just to look at, so just imagine the pain he was in) plus, he hit his left booty-cheek durning his long-trip to the floor.

He was in some serious discomfort.  Right before bed too, poor little beef-cake.

As unfortunate as his fall was, this morning there is a lot of beautiful-sweetness filling up my home.

Apparently, Mr. Man has decided that he can’t walk anymore, so Little-Love has spent all morning helping Cyclone get around.  From his bed to the breakfast bar, from the couch to the bathroom.

So much assistance, so much love.

I wish my baby wasn’t hurt, but the recovery is melting my heart.

P.S. Cyclone is FINE. When he isn’t leaning on his sister he is RUNNING through the house and CLIMBING the walls.  He is only “unable to walk” when it suits him.  Usually this would drive me crazy, but since my girl is the one he is asking for help–and I just get to sit on the couch and drink my coffee– I’m cool with it.  😉

Good Job, Little-Love!  Way to rise to the occasion!  While your at it can you refill my coffee too?

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