tips on how to play with your kids while exerting zero physical effort:

I remember when I was a young-thang, before motherhood, when I was just a big-sister, I learned how to play with my baby-brother from the comfort of the couch.

My baby-brother, T-bone:

Was SOOO easy to entertain.  I would LITERALLY play fetch with him.

Yes, that’s right.  I just admitted that I treated my little-brother like a puppy…


I would sit in one spot on the couch and we would toss a ball back and forth, but anytime the ball was loose–even if I simply didn’t catch it, EVEN IF IT WAS ON THE FLOOR RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I would make T-bone get it.

I LITERALLY didn’t move, and he would just do all the work…

like a dog…

It was awesome.

(I love you T-bone.)

So, I’ve had YEARS to practice the skill of interacting with the least amount of actual effort.

My current game obsession is this:

I shoot them…

I shoot my babies…

over and over…

and after I hit them I make them bring me back the bullets…




Awwwwwe, just look at their eager faces.

So, here’s how it works:

I sit in my spot on the couch, drink my coffee, watch the news, and shoot my babies with a nerf-gun.  (and eat bonbons…ahhh, just kidding…I eat honey-nut cheerios)

It’s the easiest thing in the world and they LOVE it.  They are just giggling and screaming—

My aim is getting excellent, by-the-way.

And it’s not just for babies either.

Oh no, this game entertains husbands as well.

My husband let me shoot at him for a while so he could practice catching the bullets…right out of the air.

Which is sorta sexy—in a super G-rated sorta way.

So, in that case I guess it can be entertainment for the wife too.

Anyhow, there’s my advice,

all that’s left to do now is ask yourself…

Do you feel lucky?

Cause this mama is packing some serious heat…


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