seriously? more rafting photos??

Was I on the river again this weekend?

Why, yes I was.

Last summer I went rafting once.

This year I’ve been rafting once…a week.

I got to borrow our friend’s kayak this time, which was great.  Quiet, calm, plus I took my son with me so we got some SERIOUS one-on-one time.

We just talked and talked.  Mostly about slug-terra and legos, but I’ll take what I can get.

This is me back on the boat guarding two tiny-sleeping girls.  Hashtag over-protective.

(I don’t think I understand how hashtags work…)

Here is Adam kayaking with our daughter:

This is them post flip:

I panicked a little, but everyone made it back to the boat without too many tears, and then Adam got right back on the kayak, this time with our son:

And then they flipped too:

Oh, my heart!!!

In my husband’s defense: Unbeknownst to us, the plug had come out of the kayak so it was FULL of water, making it SUPER unstable.

But still, two flips within 15 minutes of each other.

Heart attack.

Despite those moments of fear, we had a long and beautiful day on the river with our friends and neighbors.

We love you, Colorado River!  See you next weekend.

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