Good Instincts

Last night I sang my babies to sleep.

Nothing unusual.

This morning I heard them wake-up so I went to their room to get my “good-morning” hugs.

Still just an average day.

Then I sat on my daughter’s bed and had a very un-average conversation with my boy.

My Cyclone-boy got a very serious look on his face and said to me, “Mom…last night when you were singing…I’ve got instincts…I can see things in my head…and I saw your singing…and it made me cry.”

And I just sat there staring at him…

Well…this is new.

“Why did a song make you cry? . . . What do you mean by instincts?”

I asked him a few other questions as well, but then somehow—something clicked.

Years ago, just like this morning, I was also sitting in a room, on a bed, thinking about a song.

It was my childhood room, I was a teen, and the song was the very one I sang last night, and every night, to my little-boy:

James Taylor’s, “Sweet-baby James.”

I remember listening to that song and thinking to myself, “Someday. Someday I’m going to sing this song to my baby.”

It was an “instinct”

More then a few years later, the very moment I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I started singing that song again.

Because I knew, 

I had seen the “picture in my head”

I had no way of knowing back in high school that I was going to marry a man who has a family tradition of naming their firstborn son’s “James”.

I had no way of knowing that my first born would even be a boy.

I was just a teenage girl, listening to a song…and I saw it.

I saw myself, holding a boy, singing him the lyrics of a James Taylor song.

Sweet. Baby. James.

I’ve never really thought about it before, but my son’s words, his conviction about his “instincts” and the “pictures” he sees in his mind…I think I get that.

Because one time I too saw a picture after hearing a song.

I pictured myself as the mother of a perfect son.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that we are clairvoyant or anything.

But, we do seem to have some pretty good instincts.

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