wrestling with an issue…

Yesterday I hit up the library.

I have a book on hold, but it isn’t in yet, so I didn’t know what I was there for.

I sent a text to a friend asking for a recommendation thinking she was going to suggest something by one author, but the text I got back wasn’t what I was expecting.

My friend’s suggestion was this:

Traveling Mercies: Some thoughts on Faith, by Anne Lamott.

I trust my friend’s taste so I picked it up without hesitation, took this photo with the caption, “found it”,

texted it to my friend, and made a bee line for the kids section.

No dramatic music played, no sparkles filled the sky, no visual signs that God was moving in my day, (other then the obvious miracles—like my heart still beating.)

Just my kids begging me to read yet ANOTHER pokemon book and my growling tummy insisting that it was time for lunch.

But there was magic in the air at that library, because within the first 30 pages of reading this book it was already speaking to the very issue I’m currently wrestling with in my life.

(Side-note, I LOVE the phrase “wrestling with”.

I have a nephew that is big into wrestling right now, so was my dad,

and I dated one or two in my day.


Anyhow, I don’t know a lot about the sport but I do know that there are MANY different ways to score points,

but a pin is a pin.

No matter how many points the other guy scores, you can always beat him with one good move.

There are often times that I am struggling to form an opinion, or make a decision, and the points will go back and forth in my mind.

This guy makes a good argument–point for him.

That side counter points–score one over there.

And then suddenly, there will be one move, one truth that becomes so blazingly obvious that the match is over, the game has been won.

Maybe it was behind in points but it won with one quick pin.

And just like that, it has been decided.


So, back to this topic that I’m “wrestling with”.

I’ve gone through my usual steps: interviewed friends, talked about it with my husband, spent hours on the phone with my sage of a sister.

I’ve been praying about it, worrying about it, debating it late into the night.

And like the kind father I know him to be, God has once again reached through the hand of a friend to gift me with a little more understanding.

In 30 pages, I feel like I’ve gained an encyclopedia’s weight in knowledge on this subject—and I can’t wait to read more.

The heartbreak of reading about the lack of safety and love in the formative years of this author:

While sitting next to my own baby girl, and her beautiful soul:

Well, it is definitely helping me pin down this issue in my life.

And this morning, while curled up with this book and my coffee, I find myself once again thanking God for his kind intervention in my life.

Let’s finish this match together.


(p.s. I know I haven’t exactly explained what my issue is…I will, I just want to get it firmly trapped in a choke-hold first. Wink, again.)

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