babies, books, stolen rocks…lessons from the weekend:

1. There’s nothing like being in the presence of new life:

Meet Emmeline Rae, my dear friend’s new baby girl, and my current obsession in infant form.

2. Sometimes there are beautiful gifts buried in otherwise unpleasant packages:

As much as I learned from this author, I didn’t particularly enjoy her writing.  There is a lot of anger and darkness pulling through the under-current of this book.  As important and timely as the topic currently is in my life, this book was definitely hard for me to finish.

3. It only takes seconds in the presence of old friends to fill up the soul.

Last night I got to visit with some of my friends from my old town and, what was supposed to last only about 30 minutes, quickly turned into 3 hours and a midnight drive back home with a heart full of love, two sleeping babies, and a big smile on my face.

4. God can use the most surprising little rag-a-muffins, with pockets full of rocks, to pull you out of a funk.

I was smack-dab in the middle of an adult sized pity-party on Saturday—Then my sweet, little,  8-year-old neighbor brought me this rock, because he said I was, “So Nice”

I broke down crying.

Then proceeded to smother him with love and hugs.

This rock will be with me for the rest of time. . .

but more on that later…

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