round 4, should be round 7…

Earlier in the year I made a goal to read 12 novels out loud to my kids, one a month.  We started out super strong getting the first four out of the way.  (Here are 12, and 3)

And book 4 was, The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate.

Of all the books we read, this one my kids really loved.

I did too, definitely would recommend it to anyone looking.

The cutest part of this book’s reading was that the last few chapters were read to them by their Papa-J, while their father and I were in Hawaii.

Oh, how sweet is that?

(I finished it myself once we got back.  Honestly, it really is a good story.)

Well, that was WAY back in April.

So, in May I went to the book store and bought us our next book:

And in true “Trina-style”  I bought a book that turned out to be the 2nd in a series.  wooaant-waaaa.  (I sang that in my head, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you would sing that too.)

Eventually, I went back to the store and bought the first book in the series:

And we’ve been trying to get through it.  But, with the weather being so nice, and the rafting trips, and the move (oh my gosh, the MOVE) and all that has happened, we are working through it at a snails pace.  NO, scratch that, snails are sailing past us, we are making ZERO progress.

The problem is that these books are just a little too complex for my babies tiny minds.  Plus, when we finally get around to reading we have NO IDEA what was happening before.  Honestly, at this point we should probably just start over at the beginning.

There’s a slight chance that I won’t be getting all 12 books in.  But, I’m ready to get back on the “reading-a-novel” bandwagon.  If any of you have a suggestion?  I might table the Horten series until my babies are a little older.

But, we are falling far behind–so your suggestions would be great!

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