becoming a “yes” woman.

Yesterday I woke up to a SUPER messy house and an even worse attitude.

(I think my husband went in to work a little early just to escape my wrath.)

It was not a great start.

I received an invite to go to the lake from a friend and immediately began composing a reply text about how I had, “so much work” and “thank you, but I should probably pass”  and right before I pushed send I thought twice.

The dirty dishes can wait, my nasty floor can wait.  Why, when I’m constantly wishing for something to do, would I turn down this chance to be with friends and get out of the house.

So, I decided to not feel guilty about my lack of housekeeping skills, or get overwhelmed by the endless chores waiting for me–and instead I spent the day with my kids, playing in the sunshine and sand.

Guys, my son is a BOSS!

He not only jumped on the paddle-board with immediate skill and ability, but he used his new-found independence to offer shuttle rides to all the cute little-girls in attendance.

What a guy.

I had a wonderful day, I’m so glad I didn’t waste it on my bad attitude or my silly chores.

When I arrived home my house was still a mess, but now I had two happy, sleepy kids and a heart full of friendship, sunshine, and joy.

I was able to tackle my kitchen and floors with much more love, making the chore itself more enjoyable.  And you know what?… it didn’t actually take that long.

You know what else?  This summer didn’t take that long either.

My son has his first day of school in 4 short days. . .so we need to soak up as much of this summer while we still can.

Just like my chores, it will be over in no time.

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