Our last day of Summer Break.

Yesterday was our last “official” day of summer break.  Although, really all we had to do today was check in at 8 and take a couple of assessment tests, we were in and out before the hour was up.

But anyhow, yesterday was technically our last day.  Adam took the afternoon off to spend with us, and we had lots of lofty ideas about going to the lake or out on the river, or to the local fun park.  But the weather had another idea.

Although it would have been nice to go to the lake, having the weather be cold and rainy made prepping for school feel more natural.

It felt “fall-ish” so school feels appropriate.

Even though we didn’t get to spend much time outside, we still had a wonderful day.

The kids had an indoor picnic, and we went to the store to snag some snacks for Cyclone’s lunches.

Then we made tuna melts and rented a movie.  It was cuddly and calm.

Eventually the weather cleared up long enough for the kids to get messy in some puddles:

And continue their picnic outside:

It was perfectly sweet.

Then this morning I woke up early to make my son breakfast and relish our first morning of his kindergarten year.

Like I said, it was only an assessment day, but I still felt anxious and excited.

Funny story about that, after his assessment I got called out into the hall (never a good sign) and one of his sweet teachers said, “I’m a little concerned, your son told me that his nick-name is ‘Flames’ because he says that he isn’t very handsome?”


Not Handsome?

I tell that boy that he is handsome ALL THE TIME!!

I was so caught off guard I just stammered something like, “Well, that’s not true.” And then got all panicky and weird.

Hindsight I know EXACTLY what he was referring too: Whenever I tell my son that he is handsome he makes this snarly face and yells, “NO, I’m COOL!”  But, in the moment I just felt like I was in trouble.

Goodness.  Seriously Cyclone??  On your first day??

Oh well, welcome to the 2014-15 school year.  We are off to a STELLAR start.

I love you Cyclone, and I think you’re CRAZY handsome, whether you wish to be called that or not.

So, here goes nothing!!

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