Today…the day I’ve been dreading for 6 years…

Today is my beautiful boy’s first full day of school.

I’ve been DREADING it, I’m just SO worried.

What if someone is mean to him?

What if he gets hurt?

What if he feels overwhelmed and I’m not there?

I promised him that I would always be there if he needs me…well, what if he needs me?

Guys…what if he NEEDS me??

(Deep breath…deep breath)

“Father, Help me.”



To My Darling Boy,

Today, on your first day of kindergarten, please remember to be brave.

Remember to be kind.

Remember that no matter what happens,

You are SO loved in this world.

And please remember,

I am SO proud of you.

My warrior…

Now go have a WONDERFUL first day of kindergarten, full of adventures and learning.

I will pray for you every moment.

That you will be safe, that you will be courageous, that you will have a wonderful time in your new school.

You are SUCH a joy, my dear boy.

You are my hero.

I’m going to miss you while you’re in school, but I’m so excited for this new chapter in your life.

Good Luck, Cyclone!!

I Love You,



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