In honor of nine years, a glance back…

Adam and I met in the most UN-romantic of ways.

In fact, he doesn’t actually remember meeting me the first time.

But I get ahead of myself, lets recap a little…

My senior year of high school I spent a weekend previewing at Colorado Christian University.  This was the fall of 2000 and one of the girls that showed me around (I found out MUCH later) was the girlfriend of my future husband.

Can you just imagine how different my preview weekend would have gone if she and I had known:

“Oh, hi.  I’m Trina.”

“Yes, I believe you’re the girl who is going to marry my boyfriend?”

“Right. . .which makes YOU the girl who is dating my husband.”


Anyhow, we came close, but we didn’t actually meet during that visit.  Although I like to think that he and I were subtly passing each other by, unaware that in a few short years we would be making babies.  (Ewww, TMI lady.)

I did not choose to attend that university and instead chose a school in San Diego, CA.  Fast forward a few years and Adam was previewing at MY school this time—while also dating a new girl, who just happened to be one of my favorite friends in college.

This time, I did meet Adam. . . but he doesn’t remember it.

All he remembers is that his new lady-friend sat next to a girl who had the nerve to crochet during the chapel service. . .

I was said girl.

Not exactly a stars-in-the-eyes moment.

Eventually, Adam did decide to attend my school, Point Loma Nazarene University, but the same semester he transferred I spent abroad at a school in Florence, Italy.

We missed each other again.

Finally, in the fall of 2003, Adam and I were both in San Diego and both invited to the very same 21st birthday party.  (This was a party for my friend. . .the one who he used to date. . .who was also the reason we met the first time. . .the time that he doesn’t remember)



And there it was. . . fate.  My future husband sat down next to me and smiled.  Then I got up and gave my number to, and eventually went on a few dates with, a totally different boy . . . (who happens to be one of Adam’s life-long friends).

I told you it wasn’t romantic.

But, we did eventually start expressing an interest in each other, and we shared our first kiss on the 12th of February.

(Unfortunately, I had already made plans to go on a double date with a different boy the very next night)





(Adam actually bought me a corsage to wear on my date with a different boy.  Like. A. Boss.  How could I not fall in love with someone with that kind of confidence, right?)

Thus, I finally got the message.

And that double date was the very last date with another boy I would ever go on.

How fun that it is documented

And so, from Valentines day 2004 to present day, I have only had eyes for this one Red-headed Lumberjack, and today marks nine years of marriage.


  (Our first photograph together.)


(Adam’s first time visiting me in Colorado.  I took him canoeing on the Grand Mesa—we now live mere minutes from this lake.)


(The first time he told me he loved me, at the Black Canyon.  Moments after this picture was taken I got stung by a wasp and I cried in front of him, like a true damsel-in-distress, not my proudest moment.)



(Nine years ago today.)

It might not be the most romantic way to start, but our love story is still my favorite.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

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One Response to In honor of nine years, a glance back…

  1. kristinmenath says:

    So many memories!!!!!! I love it and miss it 🙂

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