Our night on the river…

In honor of our anniversary I got it in my head that we should celebrate by taking some paddle-boards out on the river at sunset.

For once, I was the one with the idea.

We had dinner with our kids, dropped them off with our neighbors, arranged a shuttle from a friend, and hit the water around 6:30 p.m.

I can not put into words just how wonderful the night was.

The temperature was perfect: warm with a breeze.

The water was perfect: calm, quiet, refreshing but not too cold.

And the company could not be beat.


Adam, being the sweet-romantic that he is, brought us some pink champaign.

So we hitched ourselves together during a calm part of the river to toast our 9 years of marriage and pray for our next 80. . . that’s right, in my plans we both live into our 100s.

There’s really only one small section of rapids, the rest is pretty calm.  My true gentleman-of-a-husband took both the less stable board, and the ice-chest,  so I had a really easy time.

What a guy.

At one point we passed a house the owner of which just happened to be outside, we yelled “hellos” back and forth and Adam informed her that we were celebrating our “35th” wedding anniversary.  She laughed, marveling at how good we looked for our age and, of course, “HAPPY ANNIVERSAY!”


It was lovely.

It eventually got so dark that the only thing I could see of Adam was the light from his head-lamp:


Which was perfect timing because we were almost to our pullout.

I never got cold,

I never got tired,

It was a prefect way to celebrate just how far we’ve come together, and dream about all the adventures yet to be.

Thanks for the wonderful date-night, Baby.  Here’s to our next 100 years!!







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