getting into a groove

I gotta be honest, our transition into Kindergarten has not been easy.

While my son seems to be doing ok while he is at school, it’s the coming home at the end of the day that’s been a struggle.

He has been complaining that his “Legs are SO tired of sitting!” Which means he wants to run and be wild, the problem is that his heart and mind are also “SO tired” which is causing little melt-downs at the end of the day. . . and by little, I of course mean HUGE!!

It has been rough.

I’ve been crying a lot.


Yesterday I decided to have lunch with my boy at his school to help break up the day.  AND, his return home went MUCH better.

He did cry while telling me about a kid who called him a “weirdo” but mostly he just played with our neighbors.

It was a significant improvement.



And this morning, although I was/am feeling extra tired, it seems like we are settling into a routine.

There are a lot of other changes occurring right now as well.  It’s not a particularly relaxed moment in life, but I am trying to take each change and decision one step at a time.

And hopefully we will soon find a rhythm and schedule.

Just trying to find our groove.


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