we are on our way…

Well, I don’t want to jinx anything, but things went SUPER well after yesterday’s school pick up.


My son was both happy to see me, as well as excited to tell me about his day.

(He jumped in the car and quickly counted to 10 in spanish and then rattled off as many colors–also in spanish–that he could think of.)

PLUS! His dad had swung by the store and purchased him some soccer gear so there was a little surprise waiting for him once we got home.

My boy has been practicing soccer in our backyard for a few months now, so Adam signed him up for some classes and bought him his very first cleats.

It is pretty adorable.

But the point is, we are on our way. . . or at least, today was completely tear and melt-down free (for both of us). . . seriously, don’t wanna jinx it.


So proud of my darling boy and his big steps toward a relaxed and steady routine at school.

Like I said,


We are definitely on our way.



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