Celebrating all things girl-y



Getting to watch my Little-Love explore the girl-ier things in life.


So much of my girl’s play-life has been dominated by boys.  Between her brother and our neighbor-boys. . .


And we have loved it.

However, I am not someone who subscribes to the idea that girl-things are somehow weak, or less important.  I consider myself a very strong, smart, and accomplished woman, and being a stay-at-home mom does not take away from that.

If anything it enhances it.

So, experiencing these sweet feminine-filled moments with my girl has been truly beautiful.

Watching her decide what to play, on her own terms, it’s so fun.

And just to enhance the girl-iness of this time of our lives, I’ve been slowly introducing her to the disney princesses.  


(she dropped our pretend tea.)

I wasn’t actively keeping her from these movies before, but like I said, her brother has (up until recently) been the deciding vote.  (Because, up until recently, she’s just been too young to watch much of anything.)

Actually, the other day we took the kids to the theater and after leaving we asked the kids if they liked the film and L-L said, “Yes, but someday can we watch a girl one.”  And it hit me, our girl still isn’t getting much of a say.

Thus, Cinderella and tea.

She is such a girl…

and I am thankful.



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