not playing out as dramatic as I’d hoped

Today should be a big day,

but it’s not.

Today I dropped my baby-girl off for her very first day of school.  That’s the kind of thing that usually calls for some drama right?

And we did have a little, but not in the way I’d had planned.

First, we woke up late.  Not so bad that we were going to be late to school, but bad enough that I didn’t get to take a shower. (eww.)

Second, I’d made the decision to put Little-Love into school only yesterday, so I had nothing prepared.

No cute sign announcing the day’s arrival.

No special breakfast.

No “first-day-of-school” clothes.

I didn’t even have a backpack for her, she had to use her brother’s.

I did manage to snap a few pictures and ask her some questions:

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”


“What’s your favorite color?”


“What’s your favorite book?”


(That last one doesn’t really make sense.)

I only got three questions in before it was time to go:

We had just locked up the house, (more on that later) when my darling girl spun around and shouted, “Mom, I haveta go potty!!”



Slight pause, ok NOW let’s go.

Oh, this girl.

We drove to her school and just as we were about to pull into the parking lot I get a call.  I’d locked my husband out of the house.

(He had ridden his bike to drop our son off a school, I’d assumed he’d had a key.  Alas, he did not.)

So, we stayed in our seats,


Drove past our destination,


and right back home.

I got our abandoned man back into his home and turned right back around.

Once more on our way to Little-Love’s first day of school.



And drop off was easy.

Too easy.

There were no tears, no clinging to my leg.

There were no big talks, or long epic hugs.

No looking into each other’s eyes knowing that this was a moment we would remember forever.

Nope, my girl just walked in, put her stuff down, and waved good-bye.


Where’s the drama, where’s the big moment, don’t you like me at all?

SERIOUSLY!!  I just dropped you off for your first day of school and yesterday you looked like this!



What is happening to my babies?!?

I got your drama right here.






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2 Responses to not playing out as dramatic as I’d hoped

  1. rrhicks says:

    yay kids of the kingdom! is she gonna be there Thursdays?

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