Friday, Fun-day…

I’ve had the expectation that Friday’s were going to be these gloriously beautiful and lazy days.  My son doesn’t have school on Fridays, so I pictured us sleeping in, watching cartoons, eating cinnamon rolls, cuddling ’til noon.  

But, so far, Fridays have been rough.  My son has had a full week, and my daughter has had a week full of freedom, neither of them are transitioning into a morning together very well.  

(To be honest, I don’t think my high expectations for Fridays are helping things much.)

So I decided not to get my hopes up his morning, and you know what, this Friday is going pretty well.

Instead of trying to force a lazy-sweet-sugar filled morning, I’m noticing all the naturally beautiful things already all around me–helping kick start our long weekend off on the right foot.

Things like beautiful-baby-bare-feet and sunshine covered wood floors.

(not to mention adorable girly-bandaids and gorgeous, dainty, uber-feminine shadows.)

This Girl, 

Oh, this girl. . .

I’m thankful for fluttery white curtains and ancient wooden windows.


I’m thankful for these eyes, and those freckles:

The silliness, the bitter-sweet.

A home full of fresh-flowers.  

And a fresh outlook on Fridays.  Maybe not lazy, but definitely still fun.


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