My schedule is filling up.  

We have extra helpings of activities for the kids, (soccer, ballet, swim, hip-hop, gymnastics, kindergarten, pre-school.)

Plus a few for us lousy adults.  PTA for me, soccer for him.

I have also taken on a small job with my church.

On top of that, I am training to help out my husband a little bit at his job.  

Just a few hours a day, from home, first thing in the morning, but in order to do this I have to get licensed, which means I have to take some classes online. 

Which means I am running out of hours in the day…

and the easiest thing to cut out out of my busy schedule is this blog.

But, I REALLY don’t wanna.

I know I sound like a stubborn, spoiled baby.  


I just


Want to.

This blog is my one creative outlet.  

It’s my one, totally selfish, completely for me thing.

And I’m going to fight for it for as long as I can.

(To clarify, the person I’m fighting with over this issue is me.)  

In classic Trina-form I’m trying to convince myself to let it go, while at the same time I’m digging in my heals refusing to give it up.

Maybe, I should take a little break. . . just until I get my license.


I really, really, really don’t want to.

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