There are things in my life that I regret.

-A lot of my decisions in high school.

-That one break-up haircut

But there are things that I do that I never regret.

Oh I might resist doing them.

I might put them off, avoid them, resent them.  UGH!

But, I never regret them.

They are things like. . . washing my face before bed (why would I avoid this? I have no idea, but I do).

Photo on 9-7-14 at 9.55 PM

Working out,


Taking baths,

Doing my devotions,

Getting up early,


Washing the dishes before bed.


None of these are hard things.  None of these take a great deal of time, they don’t cause me harm, they all benefit me a great deal.

Why don’t I want to do them?

Why, when I know I will be happy, would i drag my feet, avoid, make excuses?

The constant struggle in my life is being kind to myself.  Not just speaking kindly to myself, but also literally treating myself well.

(For example, I have had bare-nasty toenails for WEEKS now.  Right in the middle of sandal season.  Yuck.)

I’m not too busy, I’m not too tired, I have no real excuse.

I deserve better, I should treat myself better.

I know I won’t regret it…I never do.



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