Sweet-sweet mornings…

Little-Love is getting into the swing of school mornings.

I switched her from “Pre-School” to “Half-day”.  She still only goes one day a week, and it only added about 2 hrs to her day, but I’m excited for her.  Being in half-day school means more time for play, plus she gets to have lunch with her friends.

Another reasons for increasing her time at school is that Adam and I now get to have a little time on Thursday mornings to just be together.

For this first time in a LONG time, my immortal-beloved and I got to have coffee together, without distraction, without interruption.  It wasn’t long before Adam had to go to work as well, but for a few moments I got to hang-out with my best-friend.

It helped me remember why it was that I couldn’t wait to marry this guy all those years ago.

He sure is a charmer, it was a great morning.

I miss my girl while she’s gone, but I miss my husband when we don’t get our time together too.

I think these once a week coffee dates with my man are going to be great!

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