photo dump, september 2014. . . part one:

We’ve had a few pretty awesome weekends in a row, and today is mostly about recovering, and laundry. . . there’s always laundry.

So I’m taking the easy way out and simply dumping a bunch of photos on you.

A few weekends ago my favorite big sister threw a steampunk themed group birthday party.  (Just about everyone in our family, and the world, is born in September. . .except me of course.)

It was SO fun.  Not just to get dressed up and dance, but to dress up my kids and take their pictures:

Cyclone was REALLY into it: tipping his hat, leaning, brandishing his gun and slingshot.  It was pretty awesome.  He really got into character.

Little-Love didn’t understand the vibe as much, but she did enjoy her outfit, plus she looked GORGEOUS.  Then again, she always does.

We danced all night, it was so great to be at a fun party WITH our kids.  I get SO tired of society treating children like a nuisance.  Personally I think my kids are rad, and they danced longer and better then most of the adults in attendance that night. . . without the aid of any liquid courage either.  Just their natural-born-awesomeness.  I’m so glad that I was able to celebrate with them.

(I danced most of the night with my niece and it made me all kinds of crazy happy.)

We took a few family photos before, but they were taken with my sister’s camera so I don’t currently have any copies of them.

It was great. Thanks Twyla for the fun night.

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