Photo Dump, Part Deux: Mother, Mother Ocean…

Like I said, we’ve had a few wonderful weeks in a row.  This past weekend we took a trip to San Diego, CA.  Our old stomping grounds, the place Adam and I met and fell in love, the city that housed the formative years of my adulthood.

My old home.

Introducing the kids to the ocean was WONDERFUL.  I’ve always been a bit of a water-baby, and the ocean was far and away my favorite thing about living in California.  So, watching my children discover and explore the sea was like sharing a secret family recipe, or discovering a magical power, a whole new level of family-bonding.

We had a bunch of fun experiences on the water, Cyclone practiced body-surfing, Little-Love found a MILLION shells, we went as often as we could.

One of my favorite parts of our short trip was getting to visit my old neighborhood, (Ocean Beach) including my old apartment:

(Literally one block from the beach.)

As well as my old roommate:

(And her adorable daughter.)

PLUS, two of the three ladies I lived in Italy with:

As well as all THEIR babies.  We have expanded quite a bit.

It was fantastic getting to meet and hold these beautiful babies, the next generation of friends.

I wish we could have stayed longer and seen more people, I guess that just means we will have to go back.

Good-bye beautiful, hope to see you again soon.

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2 Responses to Photo Dump, Part Deux: Mother, Mother Ocean…

  1. Brandy Kasik says:

    Awww… This one made me cry reminiscent tears… I was half-raised in Ocean Beach and miss is terribly. Thank you sharing this Trina. Made my heart melt a little ❤

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