counting my blessings, one little sick girl at a time.

My daughter is sick,

It’s a sweat-pants wearing, cartoons-watching, lazy but present kinda day.

I absolutely hate to see my little girl sick, but it is moments like this that I realize just how INCREDIBLY blessed I am to have the ability to stay home.

I go through phases of truly missing adults.

There have been times when I’ve experienced such extreme isolation with this “at-home” job that it nearly broke me.

It really can be hard, rewarding, but hard.

And yet, when my babies are sick, I’m always so thankful to not have to be split between two worlds.

Today I am happy to focus on my girl and her healing.

Remind me to thank my husband when he gets home from his equally difficult and taxing job, where I know he often wishes he could be the one staying home with the babies.


Like I said,


(P.S. our Little-Love has been sick for a while and had to stay home from Church yesterday, which meant I was the one who had to go in to work and the hubs got to be the one to stay home with our angel.  It all works out.)

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