becoming the person I’ve never tried to be…

I have ALWAYS been a work-out at home type of woman.  I don’t like having to get dressed first, or drive anywhere.  I like to get it over with and move quickly into showering and coffee.

I have also always HATED running.  The second I start running all I can think about is how much I want it to be over.

Two reasons why this story was un-expected.

During this summer I went with a neighbor to the lake for the day.  While I was there I met a woman who, as it turns out, I’d already sorta bumped into at church the week before.

This woman is beautiful and in amazing shape, so naturally I asked her to share all of her beauty secrets, “Where is that magic fountain I keep hearing about?!?  TELL ME WOMAN!!” And this new friend proceeded to explain that she simply loved to run.

Whelp, no help there.

She then expressed her disappointment that she struggles to find a running partner.  To which I laughed, confessed my intense distaste for running, and avoided eye-contanct with her for the remainder of our visit.

(Side note, I had almost said “no” to going to the lake that day.  I realize now that if I had passed on that invitation I would have missed out on both a great day, as well as this new friendship and challenge.)

Back to our story, about a month ago our church had a Sunday service dedicated to community.  They encouraged us to not just exist in this town, this church, this world–but actively participate in it.  Make friendships–be somebody for somebody.

Our speaker challenged us to write down what we were good at, or what we liked to do, and start a club.  Meet people with the same likes, same hobbies, expand our circle of friends–and not just in a social media way–but in actual, tangible, “we get together every week” kind of friendships.

Now, I rarely get to go to church anymore.  I am more often then not teaching children’s church on Sundays, but this particular week I just magically happened to be present.

And I just happened to be sitting behind my new friend.

And I just knew, she was going to ask me to run.

After church I scampered off to find my kids and as luck would have it, I bumped right into my friend, (our kids were in a fight, kinda hard to avoid someone when you are attempting to pull your daughter out of a wrestling match with her son) and low-and-behold, she asked me to join a running group with her.

So, after a VERY intense eye-roll, I gave in and said yes.  I can take a hint after all.

And for a few weeks now my new buddy and I have been meeting at the crack of dawn to run.

We run three mornings a week, at 5:45 a.m., and we named our club, “Ladies who kick asphalt.”

(Clever right?  We have a flyer up in our church and a local coffee shop and it makes me all kinds of proud.  My picture is on a running poster, didn’t see that coming.)

To meet her by 5:45 I have to get up at 5:30…which is eaaaaarly.

I don’t really mind the mornings though.  They are calm and quiet.  It’s kinda my only time to be alone anymore.

I’m REALLY not a good runner.  We only manage 3 miles and I could probably walk them faster then I run, but I am actually  enjoying it.

And here’s why:

1. I start my morning just for me.  As selfish as that sounds, it is nice to be alone for a second.

2. I start my morning with my friend.  I only run for 5 blocks before I meet up with my girl, and then we talk and talk.  We set goals and check in, we sympathize with each other, we laugh.  Starting my day already feeling like I had a little visit is such a treat.

3. I start my day outside.  Getting some fresh air and space really boosts my mood, and starts my morning off on a high.

4. I start my day with exercise.  By the time I run, return home, and shower I’m ready for the day before my kids are even out of bed.  (Granted I wind up wanting a nap around noon, but who cares, at least I’m clean.)


5.  My husband is impressed.  And that’s a trump card right there.  Making that man proud is my favorite part–he actually used the word, “amazed” when I asked him what he thought.  He’s been trying to convince me to run since the beginning of our relationship, and “amazed” is a word I can live off of for weeks.

I do hope to get better at running, but if no one else ever joins our club, if I never run a race, or father then 3 miles, or ever get any faster I think I’d still be happy right where we are.

It’s a surprise.  I’m becoming a runner. . .

Photo on 9-24-14 at 5.40 AM

A person I’ve never tried to be.  But I like it.

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2 Responses to becoming the person I’ve never tried to be…

  1. dstep03167 says:

    I love this. I love how humble you are and You should be so proud of yourself for what you are doing and accomplishing:)

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