While the man’s away, the wife will bust out the power tools…

Adam is on a company trip in Las Vegas. . . poor guy.

I had opted out of the trip because it was during the week and I didn’t want our son to miss school.

*Enter audible sigh here*

This is an obvious ‘first-time-school-mom” mistake.  It NEVER occurred to me that my son might have a “fall-break” in the middle of OCTOBER! Alas, he does.

So, as it turns out, my husband’s trip coincided PERFECTLY with my son’s school break.

Aaah, C’est la vie.

I’m not a huge vegas fan anyway, plus Adam took his office manager instead, who has TOTALLY earned this trip, so I’m happy.

Therefore, instead of going to Vegas I’m taking this husband/school-less week to get so stuff DONE.

Yesterday I went around the house hanging up different pieces of art.

I’ve been hesitant to commit to hanging anything for two reasons: First is simply that I tend to change my mind a LOT.

It’s not called “Habitual Metamorphosis” for nothing.

Second, we are planning on living in this home for the long haul, and we JUST painted, I don’t wanna start bustin’ holes in these walls all willy-nilly.  I want a plan.

Anyhow, we’ve been here a while, and I think I’m getting an idea of where I want things. . . so it’s time.

Here’s some before and afters:

Before.  Messy kitchen, open fridge, left-over take-out, etcetera.


And the after, kitchen still very messy.

Then again, in the bedroom:

DSC_0013Oh the messes, like I said, no husband this week.


I hung a few other pieces,

But there are MANY more pictures to go:


On hold for the moment.  We’ve got some new furniture on the way, too.

Man, all I wanna do right now is decorate this house.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to really grab hold of a space and make it ours.  And the bones of this house are PERFECT for me.  I’m very happy.

Like a kid in a candy store.

Prepare yourself, there’s just more projects on the horizon.


Gun’s are out!

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