Coffee, Cash and Paradise…

My husband is a HUGE Johnny Cash fan.

I didn’t really grow up listening to him much, but since being swept off my feet by my lumber-jack man I have been indoctrinated, and subsequently fallen in love with, the man in black.

My husband could never be a fan of someone like Adam Levine, or Prince, or heaven-forbid George Michael. (All of whom I do happen to have an affinity for.  Just play me something catchy, I’m easy that way.)

But Johnny Cash, with his straight forward rhythm, his deep baritone voice, his songs about prison, and God, and guns.  His tendency to sound like a train, steady and strong. This is a singer my husband can get behind.

So when I first heard this quote from Mr. Cash I knew I wanted to have it framed.  A quote I love from a man my husband admires.  No brainer. . .

I never used to drink coffee.  I kinda grew up believing that caffeine was Satan’s juice and I was rather obnoxious about proclaiming it.

But two things happened:

First, I read a bunch of articles praising coffee’s health benefits (particularly in its defense against both cancer and dementia, two things that run in my husband’s family line.)

And second, I started to truly enjoy the ritual of it.  Early morning, warm mug, sharing it with my sleepy, scruffy, uber-sexy husband.

There’s something truly intimate about the first cup of the day.

Plus, my husband drinks it black, like a man.


I drink it black too–but not like a man–like a woman who is very aware of her sugar addiction and is trying to hold it at bay.  If I’m at a coffee shop I buy the most calorie laden, fake-syrup filled option they have.  At home, I drink it straight up.

Dark and strong, like I like my men. . .


Well, maybe not exactly dark, but strong. . . crazy strong.

Anyhow, back to coffee.  It is one of the only things that my spontaneous husband and I do daily.

It is a sweet pause in our otherwise crazy and separate days.

We get to check in, take a breath.

I treasure it.

And the quote, “This morning, with her, having coffee.” Well, it makes me cry.

I just love the reality that this man, Johnny Cash, a masculine, wealthy, tall-dark cowboy.  This guy who could have anything under the sun. This guy who sings songs about breaking laws and taking drugs.  When this guy was asked what his idea of paradise was, his answer was spending simple time with his wife.

There is a deep beauty in that.


I have a little coffee station in my kitchen.  The cabinet above has all our mugs and the coffee grounds.  The coffee-maker is located right next to the sink for easy filling and dumping.  It is right next to the window so that I can glance outside while enjoying my first sip.

And now, with this quote, it’s perfect.

I ordered this print off of Etsy, (you could purchase the same one here.)  It makes me smile every time I see it, a quick reminder that the little things are the big things.

That sharing coffee with the person I love is a luxury.

That these mornings with my man, these moments are what make up our life.

This is paradise.  This is the good stuff.

So, what’s your idea of paradise?

I for one agree with Johnny Cash, my paradise is mornings,

with Adam,

having coffee.

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