Decorating my home and sew much more, (Get it?? Pun is TOTALLY intended)

I’ve been looking for a good duvet cover for my daughter for a while now.

See the problem is this, my son and daughter share a room.  I LOVE that they share a room, but sharing brings with it some design dilemmas.

I don’t want to force my son to live in an overly girlie room, at the same time I don’t want to deny the girlie delights of my little-princess.

SO, finding the perfect duvet was like a treasure hunt.  I found one at that was great: blue background with small pink and yellow flowers scattered on top.  It wasn’t overly feminine, blue being the dominant color, but it wasn’t at all boyish.  I loved it.

Alas, by the time I had convinced myself that the price was worth it, the darn thing was no longer available.  WOE IS ME!!

Guys, my life is really hard.

After I scolded myself for being so indecisive for so long, I had to wake up and face the question, what was I going to do know?

Then, sorta on a whim, I wandered into my friend’s store, Tangle on main street, and bought some fabric.

If I can’t find the perfect duvet, by golly I’ll just make one instead.


So, I picked a morning, plopped myself in front of the fire,


Arranged my sewing machine on the coffee table,


Put on a little “Rehab Addict” marathon, (love that show) and got to sewing.

And it woulda been perfect–if I hadn’t run out of binding tape with only two feet left to go:

At least he was happy.  Seriously guys, my life. . . so, so hard.

I had to tap into all my self-control in the attempt to not throw an adult sized temper tantrum.

Sewing does not bring out the best in me.

Some versions of crafting does, painting for example, but sewing…with its intricate work, its broken thread, its confusing machine.

I just don’t sew enough, I always feel like a beginner.

(Same way I feel about snowboarding, always the novice, but that’s an entirely different story.)

ANYHOW, I eventually Macgyver-ed a solution, and what should have only taken me an hour, turned into a few days, but I did finish.


I have also forced my little brother to make a run to Ikea for me, so I have a bed frame for Little-Love on the way.

There is also a bed for her brother in the works and lots of great artwork to be hung.  Once those are all hashed out I will do a real before and after tour.

Despite my lack of skill and my momentary tantrum, I am truly LOVING the job of decorating this house.

I was made for this, it really is a passion for me.


So bring on the next project!

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