a random catch-up:

1. I’ve been feeling super unmotivated for the past few weeks.  The reality is that I feel mediocre at best in each area of my life-responsibilities.  Motherhood, decorator, Sunday-school teacher, house-keeper, wife, blogger. . . not necessarily in that order.

2. I just ate enough cookie-dough to literally make me sick. . . plus two actual cookies. . . and a glass of milk.  I feel yucky, but they were delicious, sooooooo, worth it.

3. My In-Laws came up for a visit this past weekend.  We took a great trip down the river, I’m a very lucky lady.  I’ll post more on that later.DSC_0070

4.  And on that note: I’ve got so much I wanna blog about, write about, say.  Sometimes I feel like I have so many ideas floating around in my brain that it just feels easier to not start.  (Did I mention feeling unmotivated, and mediocre?)  Anyhow, I’ll get to it, I just need to do my laundry first, and by that I mean go to the store and buy some detergent.

Meh, maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.

5. On the bright side, fall has reached downtown.

I’m very pleased.

6. I’ve made a pact with a friend that I will get at least one project done this week.  She’s my running partner, and we will be checking in with each other on Friday morning, guess that mean’s I should get started.

. . . Right after I finish this episode of “Veronica Mars.”

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