About That Pregnancy Glow, MY SISTER WROTE A BOOK!!!

There are things about pregnancy that are beautiful.

(That’s me with Little-Love)

To this day, I sincerely miss the feel of my babies turning circles inside of me.  And at least part of me misses the belly. . . not all of me, but a part.

I definitely miss the boobs.

And then there’s the other side of pregnancy.

The uncomfortable side.

The puking, back-acne, heartburn, emergency room visits side of pregnancy.


(That is also me with Little-Love, on IV fluids because I was severely dehydrated due to hyper-emesis.  Gorgeous.)

When I got pregnant the first time I was CONVINCED that I was going to be the healthiest, fittest, most fashionable pregnant woman ever.  And then around week 6 I woke up puking, and it didn’t stop until my cyclone came out, 33 solid weeks later.

The shock of it all was truly awful.

I’d never really been a sick person.  I don’t have bad allergies, I don’t suffer from migraines, I’m a healthy chicka.  But this whole pregnancy thing was throwing me for a serious loop and I felt like a failure.

I did not feel healthy.

I was not fit,

I was definitely not fashionable.

This was not in the books.

. . .

But it is in this one:


“About That Pregnancy Glow”

My sister, my AMAZING sister, wrote a book.

A whole book.

Isn’t that awesome?

She wrote this book about the really awful, embarrassing, raw side of pregnancy, but she wrote it with her signature wit and charm.

It truly is a fun read, no matter who you are, pregnant or otherwise.

When she was writing this book she asked if I would proof read for her, which I was happy to do, but I kept putting off–thinking that I was going to need more time, or focus then I could offer.  But once I sat down to start reading I couldn’t stop.  It’s that good.

Reading this book brought me back to all those hard moments, when I felt disgusting, when I felt like a failure, and it allowed me the space to laugh at them.

It was the camaraderie I so needed, truly cathartic to say the least.

I wish she’d written it before we’d ever gotten pregnant.  It woulda saved me from a lot of unwanted surprises.


Do yourselves a favor.

Purchase this book and take a moment to celebrate the beauty and embarrassment that is motherhood.

I promise it will bring you joy.

And my best-friend slash favorite sister wrote it.


How rad is that?!?

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