My kids room: A progress report/cry for help.

First off, lets remind ourselves how far we’ve come.

(Notice the spilt paint.)

The room that is now inhabited by my kids was an INTENSE pink.  It literally radiated throughout the house.  It not only had layers of pink paint but it also had pink curtains, so yeah.  Truly pink.

So first we painted it gray.  With maybe one or two mishaps.

We also painted the molding white.

Now I know a lot of purists would be furious with me for painting the trim and moldings in this old house, but honestly–they were so beat up.  Plus they were splattered with many different paints, and (according to my dad) they were not made of stain-worthy wood.  So, if my carpenter-dad is ok with it, you should be too.  So there.

Also, I think the white trim makes the doors and windows standout that much more.

So, we have gray walls, white trim, wood doors.

Then we got started on the beds.

I bought my little-love an Ikea bed and painted it, what should have been a berry color but turned out much more watermelon.

Meh, it’s done.

(Again, with the paint. With this project I upped the ante and got the bed SERIOUSLY jammed in the hallway.  I was stuck for half-an-hour.)

My husband had much loftier goals for our son’s bed.  So, he took a few measurements and got to building.

And this weekend he finally moved the bed/play house in.

(Love’s bed might not be as fancy, but her’s got done in a week, Cyclone’s has been a work in progress for MONTHS now.  Just saying.)

So here’s our updated/in progress room.

I’m really happy with the so far.

We still need blinds, and some more personal pictures, and a rug, etcetera.

Cyclone’s bed is GREAT! The view from up there is so fun.

(I climbed up on his bed and discovered soccer-socks behind his pillow.  Already.  Uh-yuck.)

We still fit all our books, plus our keepsakes.

(My dad’s old binoculars, and also “Adventure’s in Odyssey” tapes!  YAY!)

Everything looks good, but here’s my question.

The boss and I both feel like the finish on the bed isn’t working.  Our plan was always just to leave it natural, but we’ve changed out minds.  SO…

What are your suggestions?  Paint it? Use a paint stain? Just go with white?  I don’t know.  Thoughts?

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2 Responses to My kids room: A progress report/cry for help.

  1. Kristin says:

    If I’m not mistaken, if you stain you can still change your mind and paint but if you paint it’s really hard to go back and stain. So maybe start there? SUCH a cute room! You did awesome!

    888888k7nymj mm , 4er ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/ (Skylar says hello)

  2. Betsy says:

    wow! it looks amazing Trina 🙂 you guys are so cool. I agree with Kristin, start with staining it?

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