The busy introvert.

Lately I have been truly blessed with fun.

I am a rather shy woman.

I’m one of those weird introverts that REALLY loves human interaction, but is just too shy to initiate it.

Think less, “still waters run deep,”  and more, “desperate”

. . . truly desperate

. . . like, embarrassingly desperate.

I ooze “un-cool”.


I’ve been very grateful to have had a full social calendar as of late.

This weekend alone I met friends for the Christmas Tree lighting downtown, followed by a date with my man and salsa dancing for our son’s PTA, a sweet visit from an old friend, a play-date with our neighbor-boy, and a party with my church staff.

And that only brings us to Sunday morning, which included work, football, work-meeting, leaf raking, etcetera.

It was a fun, full weekend.

And then this morning I met up with my running friend to face the 15 degree weather for some exercise and conversation.

So, so different then how my life looked just one year ago.

It seems like it takes AGES to really feel like a part of a community, and I am SO relieved that our transition into this new town has been more natural and smooth.

It’s almost like we belong here.


One of the more noteworthy events I had the pleasure of attending recently was called a “Flower Potluck”.

It was mostly a networking party for different event planners and talented women in our community.

I was just there for the food. 😉

First we received a tutorial on flower arranging from a SERIOUSLY impressive florist here in town.

Her name is Kelly Mendenhall from 3 leaf floral, and she’s amazing.

Then we each arranged our own bouquets from the flowers available.

We ate pretty food, we drank wine, then we got down to some serious socializing.

Plus I got a fun arrangement to take home.

That’s a win.

Like I said, I’ve had long stretches of isolation and loneliness, but thankfully this season of my life is full.

Full of good food, conversation, fun events.

I’m in a happy place, and I’m thankful.

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