Broken but Cherished


I painted a table in my house green:

I will take more pictures once the wall behind it is more, “done.”

I’ve always wanted a bright green table.

My husband’s not a huge fan, but he’ll get over it.


I’ve mentioned before how much I hate breaking things that used to belong to my mother, well that hate extends to just about anything she ever touched.

Case in point, this simple little spoon-rest.

I received this spoon-rest from my mother for my first Christmas as a married lady.

She bought it from a local artist, (my high school art teacher actually) and I’ve had it nestled next to my stove in every place I have lived in since.

As I unpacked a box, this rest was one of the pieces that turned the new house into our home.

“There, now this place feels familiar.”

But this weekend, after my kids broke it for the second time, I made the decision to move this rest from its cozy spot by the stove to a more secure location.

So I glued it back together,

(with one or two pieces missing)

and added it to the growing collection of plates on my wall.

Most of which remind me of my mom in one way or another.

I love that this house we’ve only lived in for a couple of months is already getting filled with personal reminders of the beautiful life I’ve been blessed to live.

I lost my mom.

That is sad.

I LOVED my mom.

That is beautiful.

And having these reminders of her love all over my home and walls is such a wonderful gift everyday.

I don’t care how broken or pieced together they are.

They are cherished.

And luckily, no matter how broken I get, I am cherished as well.

We all are.


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One Response to Broken but Cherished

  1. al says:

    beautiful. ❤

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