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I just did something awesome.

Oh my gosh, I am amazing. I just went running at 5:30, IN THE SNOW!! I mean, while it was LITERALLY snowing! I’m just so proud of me. “Who’s the crazy person up this early?” ME! “Who would go running in … Continue reading

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Best Christmas Ever

We’ve had more then our share of fun. We had school parties, preschool programs, my husband’s birthday, multiple Christmas parties, a church program, stolen christmas lights, and the list goes on. One of the highlights was taking my daughter to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams!!

Dear Adam, You are a success. In every sense of the word. You are so incredibly loved, and I’m so glad to have you as our families leader. Happy Birthday.

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The yin and yang: a $400 lesson in petty-theft

This story started out as a hilarious and bonding moment of fun between neighbors. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. My husband has promised me Christmas lights for YEARS, to no avail.  And this year, just like the others, he was … Continue reading

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Is it random? Yes. Is it pointless? Probably. Am I gonna post it anyway? You bet your bottom.

Our Thanksgiving was beautiful: Did you know that herds of wild horses still exist in America? I didn’t. Not until New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, became a regular part of my reality. What a bunch of cuties. I never … Continue reading

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My “never-met” friends. (I’m an ugly-crier)

It all kicked off with this story. A young family was shopping for groceries when their two kids started to meltdown. It sounds like a typical Tuesday except that the kids in this story are both of a different race then their … Continue reading

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Decorating and blasphemy.

Last night we were watching Monday Night Football, and also “Elf” because I’m the boss. While watching these two shows at once, a commercial for the Victoria Secret fashion show came on and the announcer said tune in to watch … Continue reading

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