A little self-centered moment…

Guys, I’m deflated.

Just completely spent.

Sometimes being a parent is filled with joy and beauty, but right now, tonight, it is draining.

And I am poured dry.

. . .

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

But it took it’s toll.

There was a long drive home, followed by an immediate jump-back into the routine.

The first morning back my darling girl woke up puking. . . everywhere.

I got all kinds of sick as well.

There’s a LONG list of other issues, all of them small and ridiculous, but they feel huge to me.

At least they do tonight.

Tomorrow I’m going to face the music: unpack bags, wash dishes, do laundry, clean, clean, clean.

My goal is to have the house decorated for Christmas by the end of tomorrow.

But tonight,

Tonight I’m just gonna let myself pout a little.

I’m going to feel sorry for myself, I’m going to watch something funny on TV, in the middle of my VERY mess living room, and throw myself a little pity-party.

Cause sometimes, you just need to give in for a minute.

Admit that all you feel like doing is locking yourself in the bathroom and letting the tears fall.

Tomorrow, I’ll get it all back together.

But first I just need a little space,

And maybe one or two of these.

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