Decorating and blasphemy.

Last night we were watching Monday Night Football, and also “Elf” because I’m the boss.

While watching these two shows at once, a commercial for the Victoria Secret fashion show came on and the announcer said tune in to watch “the most beautiful women in the world.”  And my son said,

“Hey, no ones more beautiful then my mom!”

Oh this boy.

Also, I’ve been doing a little decorating.

For our very first Christmas as a married couple I made our ornaments out of homemade dough.

We were young,

and broke,

and that’s what Adam’s mom had done for her first Christmas so. . .

I love them, such a sweet reminder.

This one is my very favorite of all.

Oh my,


Here is one of my two nativity scenes, this one bought for me by my mother-in-law.

I was in the middle of taking these photos when I spotted something in the corner.

See that little grouping at the end of the bench?

I realized it was pieces from my other nativity, bought on my first “married-lady” Christmas by my mother.  So I thought,

“I should snap some photos over there.”

First thing I saw:

“Oh, poor Jesus. . . It’s bad enough getting kicked out of the inn, but is there no room for you in the stable either?”

Wait a second. . .

Is that “peg-person-little-love”?

In the manger?

With Mary and Joseph?

And the Wise-men?



All looking on in wonder?

Do we have some delusions of grander going on here, or what?

This is WAY worse then last year:

When my son replaced Jesus with a lego Michelangelo.

This is personal blasphemy.

Oh dear.

Merry Christmas!!

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