The yin and yang: a $400 lesson in petty-theft

This story started out as a hilarious and bonding moment of fun between neighbors.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.

My husband has promised me Christmas lights for YEARS, to no avail.  And this year, just like the others, he was certain he would put up lights; but with each passing weekend the likelihood of this gets less and less.

On Sunday my man received a text message from our neighbors pointing out this fact.

The text said something to the effect of, “I can see you worked really hard on your lights, they look great.”

Sarcastic, yes.  But totally lighthearted and humorous.  A laugh at my husband’s expense.

And he retaliated.

This particular neighbor has an overload of lights on his house, mostly traditional, but he also has a few crazy-tech lights that you place in your yard and they project lights onto your house.

It’s a two-second job that makes your entire home look finished.

So, while I was innocently sitting around my living-room, Adam burst through the front door yelling for me to come outside.

Adam stole their lights,

set them up in our yard,

and then called our neighbors out to have a look.

The exchange went something like this:

Neighbor: “Hey, nice lights man!  Aren’t those awesome?  Where’d you get em?”

Adam: “Nearby, super close actually. . .”

Neighbor: “Really? We had to order our’s online.”

Adam: “Oh yeah?  Man I didn’t even have to get in my car.”

Neighbor’s wife: “(Laughing) Husband, those are ours.”

Neighbor: “What? (Now also Laughing) You @#$%, that’s awesome.”

We stood in the middle of the street laughing and talking.  A few different people walked by and commented on how great our lights looked and Adam and I thanked each one.

It was hilarious.

A night of yin.

We eventually came inside and I praised Adam for his cleverness, his humor, his ability to have fun.

Our neighbor told us to keep the lights for the night and we said we’d put them back in the morning.

We all went to bed smiling.

And then there was this morning.

I woke early for my regular run and quickly discovered that our “stolen” lights were missing.

Assuming that Adam had moved them I went on my run and entered into my regular morning.

Then the truth came out.

Adam did NOT move the lights.

They were,

in fact,



That’s right, the lights we lifted from our neighbors were then hijacked from us. . . but this time for real.

We called different friends and neighbors hoping that someone had pulled the same prank on us.

But alas, no one had.

We got hit by a real live grinch.

WHAT a bummer.

We’ve looked up the lights on line and they are $400. . . on sale.

And there’s the yang.

Adam may be more fun then me, but sometimes his good-times backfire…big time…like $400 worth of backfire.

Awe, c’est la vie.

It was still a fun night.

Just another bonding moment between neighbors.


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