Best Christmas Ever

We’ve had more then our share of fun.

We had school parties, preschool programs, my husband’s birthday, multiple Christmas parties, a church program, stolen christmas lights, and the list goes on.

One of the highlights was taking my daughter to watch her cousins perform in the Polar Express ballet.

I was equal parts super proud and subtly jealous.  I’m just so impressed with the talent in these little-charmers.

We have had a wonderful season so far, although it has not all been picture perfect.

For one thing, while it has snowed, it hasn’t stuck.

I’ve been so busy that the housework has suffered. (Meaning my daughter had to eat breakfast out of a mason jar, which isn’t ideal and caused a SUPER big mess.

There have been struggles, there have been tears:

Holes in the toes and lost ballet slippers:

But each morning starts bright and new and I’m reminded again just how beautiful and blessed my life is.

Oh the simple-pleasures,

Praise God for the easy-joys.

My rascally-little-angles.

A Merry Christmas indeed.

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