I just did something awesome.

Oh my gosh, I am amazing.

I just went running at 5:30, IN THE SNOW!!

I mean, while it was LITERALLY snowing!

I’m just so proud of me.

“Who’s the crazy person up this early?”


“Who would go running in this weather?”



You wanna know the positives of running in the snow?

Number 1, it makes everything brighter.  I am so over running in the dark.  It’s hard to see the potholes, plus it’s a tad scary. . .  Awe, who am I kidding, it’s a lot scary.

(I run with pepper-spray clutched in my hand and one eye constantly glancing over my shoulder.)

Number 2, it makes everything feel clean and fresh.  I have been running these same streets for months now.  But today I had tiny flakes falling on my cheeks and snow crunching under my feet, it gave my rather boring run a whole new sensation.

And Number 3, and probably most importantly, IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A BADASS!!

I just ran in the snow.

How rad is that?

We may not run far, and we may not run fast, but gosh darn it, we run.

Guys, I feel like I’m underselling just how awesome I am.

For a girl who tends to find every excuse she can to stay inside and read a book.  A girl who cries through every commercial that includes a puppy or a baby.  A girl who can’t seem to get a handle on changing her bike tires.  Right now, this girl feels tough as nails!


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3 Responses to I just did something awesome.

  1. Kristin says:

    You are awesome 🙂 This reminded me of running in the snow with Josh Alcorn in Florence. It was awful. I was so out of shape, so cold and he was a 1/2 mile ahead of me. I’m glad your snow running experience was much better than my last one. LOVE you my friend!!!!

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