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Imma bout to blow your mind…

Get ready for this!! (unless you’re gluten-free in which case I still love you — but I question some of your life choices. . . awe, just kiddin’) There is really nothing better, at least in my mind, then warm-fresh … Continue reading

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lonely in a crowd…

I was raised in an isolated world. I am very comfortable with being alone. When I moved to San Diego to attend college I remember saying that I’d never felt more lonely then I did in the city, surrounded by people. … Continue reading

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A little tour of all my luckiness…

My favorite Christmas gift was a tie between my custom made paddle board: (I am so crazy excited about this!!) And a GORGEOUS swing crafted by my favorite baby-brother, T-bone (aka Stephen). (Awe, look at that punim.) I picked this photo … Continue reading

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“I am so much better than I am right now.” -Human’s of New York

Do you guys follow “Human’s of New York”? It is so great. I always feel inspired by the pictures in some way. I totally recommend it. Last night “Humans of New York” posted this photo: With the caption: “I am so much … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful morning…ahhhhhhh

I’m having a really good morning. Yesterday I washed EVERYTHING in the house to try and rid ourselves of all the sickness. Which means, today I woke up to a very clean home. I love that. I’ve already finished my early … Continue reading

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celebrating in the midst of our illness…

Today it’s official. All 4 of us are sick. Yesterday my baby-boy was sent home from school with a head-ache.  (First time I’ve ever had to pick him up.) Last night I forbid him from attending his Ooey-gooey club at … Continue reading

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I want to buy all the things!!!

Yesterday my little-love and I managed to escape the house to take a small trip into my office. While leaving work, the air felt so good, (it has been lightly raining here, my favorite weather) and we’ve been cooped up inside … Continue reading

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