Happy New Year!! Now let’s get down to some serious celebrating!

I started my new year in probably the same way as many of you.

At the grocery store buying loads of fruits and veggies.

We are coming down from an over abundance of sugar, coffee, and alcohol.

More then ready for a little clean living.

Time is funny isn’t it?

Day by day it feels like nothing really changes, but a year later you realize that nothing’s actually the same.

This past year has been full of beautiful surprises.

We sold our old home and bought a new one.  We’ve made new friends, purchased and throughly enjoyed a new boat, Cyclone started school, Love joined a preschool, and of course. . . this blog.

I have been so blessed.

I’m thrilled to be in the place that I am.  I have SOOOOO much to work on but I’m relieved that the major points are in place.

I love God, I love my husband, I love my kids.


Now I just need to work on how I show them that love. . . should be easy enough.  (wink.)

My main goal is to cultivate a more consistent quiet time: Praying specifically for each person in my life.

I want to pray daily for the children in my Sunday school classes, for my kids, for my marriage.

I want to pray for my friends and my neighbors and this community.

I want to become a prayer warrior and I desperately need the practice because right now, praying does not come naturally to me.

My other goals are much more specific and measurable.

Most of them are home projects: organizing, finishing, decorating.

I have a plan to finish one project a month, I’d love to do more but finances and time are pretty strong constraints.

Darn them.

I look back at last year’s plan and I’m pretty pleased.

I had a plan to wake-up earlier and I run three days a week at 5:30.  Not bad, although I’d like to wake up that early everyday to mix in some strength training at home.

Another goal was to read a novel a month to my children.  Even-though I only got through 4 books last year, I’m not all that discouraged.  This summer was a BLAST and I don’t regret the novels lost, we have plenty of time.

We’ll give it another go this year, but if we don’t get through all twelve because we get distracted by the river. . . well, you won’t hear me complaining.

Other resolutions from 2014:

Eating cleaner. Thanks to my new “Emeals” app that one gets a check.

Working out consistently. I’ve got room for improvement, but I’d still say I did pretty well. Check.

Point is, I’ve done alright, and this year is just about continuing the journey.  Taking it a bit deeper, and really celebrating each win.

So often we don’t really give ourselves the chance to celebrate, do we?

Either our goals aren’t measurable, or we don’t feel satisfied with the small increments.  We see the 20 lbs we have to go and ignore the 2 lbs we’ve already lost.

This year I plan to freaken’ CELEBRATE.

Celebrate each little word my son reads and not get caught up in fretting about the other kids who already read at a higher level.

Celebrate each time I manage to drag myself out of bed to run or read my Bible.

Each time I make a meal for us to eat around the table.

Each day I choose to Love my husband.

Each tiny increment on our way to the big prize.

Celebrate. Celebrate. Celebrate.

Let’s freaken’ enjoy the heck out of this life.

Join me?

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