One year down. A thank you note.

As of today I have been writing this blog for one year.  I so wish I’d started sooner.

22,773 views, 85 countries, that feels pretty bad-ass. (To be fair, most of those countries have only one or two views, but still.)

I don’t know what my goal was with this blogging thing, other then having an outlet for writing, or a way to feel connected, but I’m feeling something. . . I don’t know exactly what it is. . .  but I think it’s called feeling successful.

Like I didn’t totally embarrass myself. . .at least not yet. 😉

I was looking around at my stats today and I looked up what my most successful post was.  I was not at all surprised to discover that my most read post was when I admitted that Adam and I had survived an almost divorce.

That tells me a few big things, friends: one, that people crave honesty, and openness.  And two, that people need to know they are not alone.

And thank God, as it turns out, we are not, in fact, alone.

(Amen, and yay-hooray!!!  Everyone else is just as damaged and confused as me!!)

I said yesterday that I’m dedicating this year to Celebration.  And not just celebrating the big wins, but the daily ones.

The individual struggles and the tiny achievements.

The random moments that we are all together, not fighting.  That’s a win folks!  That’s something to celebrate!

Thank you all for your encouragement this last year.  I’ve been wanting to write down my stories and share these ideas for so long and I’ve been so damn-timid about it.  I wish I could kick my shyness in the butt for good, and maybe one day I will, but for now—this blog, and your kind words, have helped me break through at least a portion of the fear that has kept me trapped inside for so long.

I love you all.  I wish I could take each one of you out for a warm coffee and a long talk.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You will never know the depth of my gratitude.

This is a year of celebration and today I celebrate you!

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