These ideas matter!!!

At a recent staff-meeting for our church we went around the table and each laid out our plans for the coming quarter, as well as our goals.

It became quickly apparent that none of our goals affected only our group.

Sometimes our connection was purely logistics:

  • We need that room, so where do you go?
  • If we want to offer classes for adults on this night we are going to need you to offer children’s ministry as well.
  • Etcetera.

BUT, sometimes our connection is of a much more spiritual nature, more personal:

  • If we do our best to offer classes and counseling to our married members we will benefit our families, and our children–which will in turn benefit our schools and communities.

This idea matters.

  • If we offer men a comfortable, safe place to be a guy.  To be honest, to open up, to be a man–and encourage them in their walk with God.  If we can manage that we will again have far reaching benefits.  We will cultivate better fathers, better husbands.  We will give children without fathers an example to follow.  We will show young ladies what a real man acts like, what real love looks like.  We will show young men that being a man doesn’t mean being the loudest, meanest, toughest–and on the flip side, that being a Christian doesnt have to mean being weak, or mushy, or soft.
  • We will be raising up Christian boys who aren’t ashamed of their rough-tough boy sides, but are able to control and meld that side into their spirituality.  Boys who understand their roles and responsibilities in the world, in their communities.

Those boys will change the world.

That idea matters.

  • If we can encourage women, mothers and daughters.  If we can make them feel loved and needed.  If we can accomplish these goals we will change the way they approach the people in their lives.  They will be able to support and challenge their husbands, they will have better patience with their children.  They will enter the workplace with boldness and gentleness, their friendships with love and understanding.

These women will change the world.

And that freaken’ matters.

  • If we can offer people, of all walks of life, a safe place to land.  A place to refill, a place to learn and be encouraged.  If we can do that, those people will go out and have a positive affect on everyone they encounter.

And that love will spread.

It matters.

Guys, this matters.

The truth is, we are all connected–whether we like it or not.

It is up to us to decide if that connection is a positive one.  That choice is completely in our control.

But sometimes we need to be reminded.

This matters.

Our. choices. matter.

…So, what are yours?

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